Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

What We Offer?

As a result of the growth of social networks, Social Media Marketing has become an important tool around the world. Both world-renowned companies and small and medium-sized companies actively use social media. As a result, there is serious competition between companies. As Uptime Marketing Agency, we are ready to provide you with an extremely effective service to increase the power of your company on social media, reach a larger audience and connect more closely with your customers. Our services are in the following areas:

1. Creating and developing a social media communication strategy

The role of your company in social media is very important. We will create a special strategy for you and ensure that your products reach the right people. To do this, your target audience will be determined and your connection will be provided. At the same time, we will provide your direction not only through Facebook, but also through other social networks.

2. Creating a new page and database

Everyone knows how important appearance is. It will also affect the reputation of your company's image on social media. To do this, it is important to have clear and detailed information on your pages.

3. Vacation posts

Special messages sent to friends and family during the holidays strengthen the bond between them. It is also very important that you give a message to your customers on special days. Holiday sharing will bring you closer to your customers and they will trust you more.

4. Graphic posts related to the brand (static and animation)

The steps you take on social media will directly affect your brand and image. We will prepare posts in both static and animated form so that you can prepare your products in the highest quality form and present them to your customers.

5. Stories

Story sharing has become a part of everyday life for millions of users on social media. You will also be able to build sincerity between you and your customers by sharing quality stories on a regular basis.

6. Spark AR

One of the most important issues when communicating with your customers will be to provide them with non-standard formats. Spark AR is an effective tool for this. Through augmented reality, your customers will both have fun and your products will be advertised in a different style.

7. Contest and giveaway

Creating sincerity between you and your audience to move forward and grow on social media will have a great impact on you. So sometimes the competitions you run and the prizes you give will increase their confidence in you. It also means that you value your customers.

8. Influencer campaign ideas

There are some people on social media who have a relatively large audience and have a greater impact on the masses. By partnering with the right influencers, you can ensure that your brand and products reach more people.

9. Photo and video shooting

Pictures and videos made for professional recognition of your products on social media should also be professional. We will provide you with high quality photo and video content in a short time.

10. Preparation of graphic video

Another type of video content is graphic videos. Which graphic videos will help you to share more attractive and informative.

11. Carousel with story scenario

In each post you share, you tell a different story. Carousel posts will cause you to show a few different short stories in each post.

12. Stickers (animated and static)

You can present the content in a more sincere way by using different stickers during regular shares.

13. Lead Generation Funnel Development

It is used to make sure that your products reach the right people, to learn their attitude to your services.

14. Social Media Management

Proper and professional management of your Social Media accounts is very important. So, every post you share, the relationships you build with your customers will make you more known.

15. Monthly report

In order to effectively monitor the work done in digital marketing activities, it is necessary to prepare a monthly report and submit it to the customer. With a monthly report, you will be able to get a detailed idea of your social media accounts.