What We Offer?

Full description of SEO Packages

3-month packages

4 types

Our services:

Keyword research for a period of 12 months

2. Search Console Analytics analysis

3. Site architecture

4. Competitor analysis

5. Existing link analysis

6. Technical analysis and referral

7. Blog building

8. Backlink evaluation

9. Copywriting problems

10. Research budget optimization

11. Optimized with Search Analytics

12. Category optimization

13. Mobile and Desktop performance optimization

14. Research and creation of backlink sources

15. Analysis of traffic sources

16. Support keywords that provide landing pages

17. Content update

18. KPI and targets

Many companies operate in the digital world, as opposed to the traditional rule. Because they believe that they can achieve more serious and great achievements in the digital world. However, it is not always easy to operate digitally. Thus, the multiplicity of companies and their services / products leads to serious competition. Strong and sustainable tools are used to compete in the digital world. SEO is the first of these tools. SEO means search engine optimization, and the main goal is to ensure that the company, product, service appear in front of the customer as soon as possible in Internet searches.

Given that SEO is a long process, we make it both easy and effective for you. Our professional team will build strong and sustainable SEO strategies for you, take special steps for the development of your site (products). We know that we live in a digital world and technology is evolving rapidly, so we do our best to provide the highest level of service to our customers.

Currently, our SEO support provides services in 4 stages. Each stage is presented to you along with the details.

1st Package:

1. This SEO package covers the first 2 months period and is called keyword research for a 12 month period.

Keywords are one of the most important points in digital. Thus, assigning the right keywords will help the company (products) to appear in front of users in a shorter time.

2. Search Console Search Analytics analysis

With this feature, your highest quality products will be in the forefront when searching the Internet.

3. Site architecture, usage analysis

One of the important indicators of the company is the construction of the website. When building a website, you need to pay attention to both design and technical issues.

4. Competitor analysis

It is known that there are many companies with similar products in the market. Therefore, detailed market research and analysis is essential.

5. Analysis of existing link structure

6. Technical analysis

Covers the analysis of technical issues of different qualities. Focuses on the specific result.

7. Blog building

When creating a blog, attention is paid to the content of the blog, its technical aspects and the use of correct keywords.