TOPaz Rebranding

Different sports have a great reputation around the world, attracting thousands of local and international events each year and providing employment for a large number of people. Big brands carry out various types of projects with special athletes with a wide range of users. Due to the predominance of different sports in each country, the events and projects created are adapted to these sports. It is clear that business is one of the main factors of sports activities. In Azerbaijan, as in other countries, the interaction of business and sports is evident. The Topaz brand is one of the clearest examples of the interaction of business and sports. Topaz, which bets on hundreds of sports every year, has partnered with Uptime Marketing Agency to rebrand the process. It is clear that the essence of rebranding is both to make changes within the company and to have a stronger role in the market. Any person / company who uses and wants to use the company's products and services will witness how the brand changes as a result of rebranding.

  • Client: TOPaz