Regardless of the field of service, companies decide to "rebrand" after reaching a certain level. This decision can lead to optimization, increase of services, increase (or decrease) of demand for services, structural changes within the company, etc. for a number of reasons. Rebranding is a process that stimulates a company to grow, develop, and serve a larger audience. As a network of mobile operators, Azercell has become a brand that digitizes its activities. As a brand trusted by Azercell, Uptime Marketing Agency has been actively involved in the rebranding process for Azercell, developing a website that is one of the key stages in this process. Obviously, the website must meet the standards of the brand and be liked by users. For this purpose, the UX (user-friendliness) and UI (user interface) parts of the site are developed separately. Taking into account all the factors, our team of designers has developed a website that is easy to use and technically powerful for Azercell.

  • Client: Azercell